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BSA C10 C11 C12 Service Sheets Workshop Manual Equivalent Book



BSA C10 C11 C12 Service Sheets Workshop Manual Equivalent  a Professionally Reprinted Book

The BSA C10 C11 C12 C10L C11G Service Sheets Set Include the Following Information (plus some separate larger Wipac Wiring Diagram sheets)

No. 209 4 Speed Gearbox  C Group 1951-1955 Dismantling and Reassembling  

401 C10 Distributor Engine Exploded View    401A C10L Side Points Engine Exploded View

402 C11 Engine Exploded View     403 C Group 3 Speed Gearbox Exploded View

403A C11   4 Speed Gearbox Exploded View    403B C10L- C12  4 Speed Gearbox Exploded View

404 Engine Adjustments Without Dismantling    405 Engine Dismantling for Decarbonisation

406 Removing the Engine from the Frame & Complete Dismantling    407 Re-assembling the engine

408 Dismantling and reassembling  3 speed gearbox  408A  Dismantling and reassembling  C10L & C12 4  speed gearbox

409 Primary Transmission C Group

410 Adjustment, Dismantling and Reassembly of Brake Hubs C10 C11 C11G    411   C10 C11G  C12 Clutch

412 Adjustment, Dismantling and Reassembly of Brake Hubs  C10 C11 C11G Plunger

412A Adjustment, Dismantling and Reassembly of Front Hubs 7 in Brake

412B Adjustment, Dismantling and Reassembly of Brake Hubs  C12

412C Rear Suspension Swinging Arm C12 and D3  413  Removing Engine from Frame C10L and C11G

414 10L and C11G  Reassembling the Engine   415 Useful Data C10L and C11G

415A Timing Chart C Models   514 D and C Group Plunger Type Suspension 

603 B, C and M Lubrication.   701 Useful Data All Models

702  Workshop Data Engine bush and shaft diameters  704 Piston Clearances All Models

706 Telescopic Forks  A, B, C10, C11G, C12 Models    708 Carburation Monobloc & Separate Float Chamber Type

708B Carburation at High Altitudes   709 Fault Finding

710 Chain Alterations and Repairs    713 Dismantling of the Steering Head

803 Coil Ignition Equipment C10 C11, A, B, M  804 Regulator Unit MCR1 MCR2  C10 C11 C12

804A  ABM Control Box RB107  805  Lead Acid Batteries

807  Electric Horn   808C Wiring Diagrams C10L, C11G, 

808D C Group Wiring Diagrams C12  811  C10L, D1, D3 Wipac Lamps     814 Wipac


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