BSA 1937 M Models Instruction Manual


Controls, Running in, starting, Riding, Lubrication, Running Adjustments, Brakes, Clutch Adjustments, Front Forks, Hubs, Front Chain, clutch, Rear Chain, Valve Timing, Gearbox, Foot Gear Change, To Adjust the Hand Gear Change, Decarbonising the Engine, Grinding in Valves, Pistons and Rings, Lubrication Chart, Valve Guides, Valve Springs, Assembling after Decarbonisation, Cleaning, Sparking Plug, general Maintenance and Running Hints, Driving, Trouble and how to Locate It, Tuning for Speed, Useful Data Chart, Proprietary Instruments, Fittings and Accessories.

BSA Motorcycle Instruction Book 350 M19 OHV de Luxe 

500 M20 600 M21 SV Tourer 500 M22 OHV Sports 500 cc M23 Empire Star    50 pages

Weight 99 g
Dimensions 21 × 14 × 5 cm


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