BSA Bantam D1 to D7 Service Sheets


There are many illustrations and there is a lot of useful technical information.  Around 90 pages in a large A format.

412C D3 Swinging Arm Frame   501A Gear Ratios and Sprocket Sizes (up to 1957)

502 D1 and D3 Petroil     503 Engine Adjustments without dismantling 

504 Engine Dismantling for Decarbonisation  D1 &  D3 

505 D1 D3 Remove and Complete Dismantling the Engine  506 Reassembly of Engine and Gearbox  D1 D3

507 D1 D3 Primary Transmission  508 Dismantling & Reassembly  of hubs and brakes D1 D3  

509 Removal & Dismantling of Front Forks D1 & D3 510 Useful Data D1 and D3

511 Workshop Data D1 & D3   514 D Group Plunger Rear Suspension   612 Brake Relining All Models

702 703  Workshop Data D1 D3  704 piston clearances D1 D3  705 Periodical Attention All models to 1957

708 Carburation All Models Monobloc and Separate Float Chamber  708B carburation at high altitudes All Models

708C Caburation D Group up to 1954 709 Fault Finding  709 Chain alterations and repairs 

712X Flywheel Rebalancing All Models  805 Lead Acid Batteries 806 Lucas Lighting 807 Electric Horn

808B Wiring Diagrams  Lucas and Wipac 808E Wipac AWiring Diagram D  Models 1956

810 Wipac DenuMag D1 Bantam   810A  Wipac Flywheel Ignition Generator Series 55 Mk 8 

811 Wipac Lamps D1 & D3  812 Lucas Alternator Model 1A 45 D1 812A Lucas Alternator Supplement to 812

815 D1 D3 Battery


BSA Bantam D1 D3 D5 D7 Service Sheets Set

The Book covers many aspects of Maintenance and Dismantling and Rebuilding BSA Bantams.


Weight 99 g
Dimensions 29 × 21 × 5 cm


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